About us

ICE-filaments is a Belgium based brand of high quality filaments. ICE Filaments was created to offer a good alternative for the printer based filaments. After a testing period where we used various types and brands of 3D printers, ICE Filaments was launched in June 2014.

The name ICE Filaments was not chosen randomly. ICE stands for Innovate, Create and Explore. We always try to innovate our types of filaments, so that all of our users can create and explore the 3D printing world. ICE Filaments gives remarkable results on all FFF or FDM 3D printers.

Starting with only PLA, ABS and ABS+ we expanded our range of filaments. Nowadays, ICE Filaments also offers Carbon, PET, HIPS, Flex and woodlike materials. If you want further information about all of our filaments, you can find all data sheets online here!

Our aim is to offer solutions for 3D printing filament problems instead of being a new number in line of filament manufacturers. Therefor our quality control is one of our key focus points.

Not only is quality one of our key focus points, the ability to switch and offer specific filaments (in size or color) is one of the focus points. This is a challenge for us, to be able to quickly offer the right color for the right solution. For further questions about this, it is best to contact us to discuss all the necessary things.